10 Common Myths About Auto Insurance

Posted By  On February 1, 2021
There are many common misconceptions about how car insurance is calculated or what factors are involved when calculating auto insurance. While many aspects go into it, there are just as many myths surrounding auto insurance.

10 Steps To Getting the Best Car...

Posted By  On December 14, 2020
Living in New Brunswick, a car — and of course auto insurance — is essential. And while it gives you peace of mind to have insurance, it’s still one more bill to pay. It’s essential to make sure that you are adequately covered if you do get in an accident.

What Happens If You Don’t Have...

Posted By  On October 5, 2020
Auto insurance is mandatory, no matter where you live in Canada. It’s illegal to drive on any public road in Canada if you do not have auto insurance for your vehicle. There are many reasons you need auto insurance other than it being illegal to drive without it.