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4 Things Every Tiny Home Needs to Be...

Posted By  On August 25, 2022
One of the most recent trends in real estate is the “tiny home” movement. This trend has various reasons, including a shift toward minimalism and rising real estate prices. Before considering getting a tiny home, you must ensure that you’re aware of what such a home needs to be livable.

Do I Need Commercial Property Insurance...

Posted By  On March 21, 2022
There is a revolution underway in workplaces all around the world. From the most cutting-edge technology firms to the oldest and most storied financial institutions, employees are rejecting the endless commutes that add unpaid hours to the 9-5 grind, and they are working from home.

Making a Home Insurance Claim: A...

Posted By  On November 15, 2021
Making a home insurance claim isn’t anyone’s idea of a good time. In the unfortunate case that you do need to file one, it likely means some form of damage was done to your property and repairs can be costly.

Why Cottage Rentals Are in High Demand...

Posted By  On June 7, 2021
Last summer, one of the most popular options was to rent a cottage - or if you were fortunate - to buy one. Anyone who had a cottage suddenly became much more popular with their friends or realized an opportunity to make some extra money by renting out their cottage.

What Is Commercial Property Insurance?

Posted By  On May 17, 2021
There are so many different types of insurance available these days, from the familiar ones like home and car insurance to newer ones like critical illness insurance. You may have made sure you are adequately insured in your personal life, but have you taken care of your business insurance needs?