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Should You Have Insurance for Your Ski-Doo Year-Round?

Posted by  On November 9, 2020
Should you have insurance for your ski-doo year-round?

If you own a snowmobile, you may be wondering if you need recreational vehicle insurance year-round or if you only need to have it in the winter when you’re actively using it. 

We recommend having year-round insurance to ensure that your snowmobile is protected no matter what the circumstances. We’ll talk about the following:

  • What kind of mandatory recreational vehicle insurance you need
  • What kind of optional recreational vehicle insurance you may want to have
  • What the benefits are of having insurance year-round

Then, we’ll tell you about how Archway Insurance can get you the right recreational vehicle insurance for your snowmobile at the right price!

What kind of mandatory recreational vehicle insurance do I need?

Ski-doos are fast, high-powered vehicles. If you get in an accident with yours, recreational vehicle insurance can protect you from any legal and medical expenses that arise from the accident. 

You are required by law to have all the following coverage as part of your recreational vehicle insurance:

1. Third-party liability

Third-party liability coverage is an essential part of your insurance. You must have at least $1,000,000 coverage, and you can have higher coverage if you want. This type of coverage protects you if you kill or injure another person with your snowmobile or damage their property. If someone you hurt with your snowmobile sues you, then your third-party liability coverage will pay for claims up to the limit of your coverage.

2. Accidents benefit coverage

While some costs from an accident are covered by provincial health insurance, you still must have statutory accident benefits coverage. Accident benefits coverage provides you with coverage for everything from rehabilitation and caregiver costs to income replacement and death benefits.

3. Underinsured coverage

You will also need uninsured/underinsured coverage. This type of coverage provides you with financial compensation if an uninsured or underinsured driver hits you, no matter what kind of vehicle hits you. This provides coverage if you are hit by anything from a truck to another snowmobile. You can use this financial compensation to help pay for various things, such as repairs to your snowmobile, or to help pay for lost income or medical costs.

What kind of optional recreational vehicle insurance should I get?

To have a genuinely comprehensive snowmobile insurance policy, you need to think about more than just collision-related costs. You should also consider coverage for:

  • Fire, theft, and vandalism
  • Accidents during transport
  • Accidents not involving another vehicle – such as hitting a deer or a moose 

Additional recreational vehicle insurance coverage gives you peace of mind that your snowmobile is covered, no matter what happens.

What are the benefits of having year-round coverage?

There are several reasons it’s a good idea to have year-round coverage for your snowmobile:

  • We can get snow as early as October and as late as May. With year-round coverage in place, you can take your snowmobile out as soon as you see there’s snow on the ground.
  • Year-round recreational vehicle insurance coverage provides you with around-the-clock protection. You’re protected against the risk of any losses (e.g. from a roof collapse, theft, fire or flooding) even when you’re not using your snowmobile. 
  • You don’t have to remember to confirm when your coverage starts and ends — or keep putting it back on and off again.

Creating Your Customized Recreational Vehicle Insurance Policy 

Whether you use your snowmobile for work or play, at Archway Insurance, we know it’s essential that your snowmobile is ready for you to use when you need it. We are partnered with some of Canada’s leading insurance providers and can find the right snowmobile insurance for you. 

We can customize an insurance package to meet your lifestyle and budget. This means that we are happy to discuss adjusting your policy based on the amount of time the equipment is used vs. when it’s in storage. 

We’re also happy to answer any questions you may have about recreational vehicle insurance and offer insurance for other types of recreational vehicles such as:

  • Boats
  • Motorcycles
  • All-Terrain Vehicles
  • Utility Task Vehicles

So no matter how you like to play, we can help you with your recreational vehicle insurance needs. We want you to get out there and have fun — but we also want you to have the peace of mind that the right kind of insurance coverage can bring!

Now You Know About Ski-Doo Insurance

Exploring the great outdoors on a snowmobile can be a lot of fun, but it can also be dangerous. You run the risk of accidents with other vehicles and even wild animals. That’s why it’s so important to make sure you have recreational vehicle insurance for your ski-doo. We’ve helped you learn more about:

  • The types of mandatory recreational vehicle insurance you’re required by law to have
  • What additional insurance you may want to purchase to provide more coverage for your snowmobile
  • What some of the benefits are to having insurance coverage on your snowmobile year-round.

We pride ourselves on providing top-notch customer service at Archway Insurance. We’ll talk to you about what you need for your lifestyle, then shop around to find the perfect insurance policy for you. 

If you’d like to know more about why you should have year-round ski-doo insurance, call Archway Insurance at 1-833-536-0529 or contact us here.

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