This Christmas, Archway – Hall & Fairweather is looking to give back to our community and local charities

Posted by  On December 23, 2019

Archway donation to Wendy Pottle - Director of Operations & Outreach for OutflowArchway’s Participation –  Each Christmas, our staff personally donates $100 to a specific charity.  This year, our staff will donate $100 to the Java Moose/Harbour Lights campaign and Archway will donate $300 from our sponsorship fund.

Java Moose is a local coffee shop with 4 locations in the Saint John area and is also a client of Archway (BOYSO-1  Boys own Inc. o/a Java Moose). They manufacture a special coffee blend at Christmas and sell 1 lbs bags for $20.

  • $5 per bag is donated to Harbour Lights Campaign – Harbour Lights Campaign is a popular fundraiser every Christmas to local food banks.
  • $5 per bag is donated to SPCA.

Our office donated 20lbs of the coffee to Outflow Saint John. Outflow works to improve the lives of the people in Saint John who live in poverty by looking for opportunities to reduce the unemployment, hunger, homelessness, and medical costs in our city. See attached pictures of the coffee and our office presenting the coffee to Wendy Pottle – Director of Operations & Outreach for Outflow.

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