Aviva Community Fund to Develop Music Mentorship

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VOTE for the Magic of Music – Aviva Community Fund

Posted by  On September 30, 2013

Follow this link to vote for the Magic of Music – Mentorship Program at the Anne Murray Centre –



Cumberland County is located in a “hotbed” of musical culture, but unfortunately, opportunities for the youth of our community to become involved in music simply do not exist. With the support of the Aviva Community Fund, we plan to develop a Music Mentorship Program at the Anne Murray Centre.

Music mentorship is an essential part of engaging youth. Though they may have the desire to learn how to read and play music, oftentimes the lack of available instruction is a problem. For a community like Springhill, economic hardships, more often than not, are what prevent students from becoming involved in music. The Anne Murray Centre is of the belief that no one should be left behind and equal opportunities need to be created for our youth.

Music students recording their music at the Anne Murray Centre.

Music mentorship is an obvious fit for our community for several reasons, the first of which is the abundance of talented individuals in our area. Music runs through the veins of so many people in Springhill that a program needs to be developed in order to harness this talent and share it in an educational mentoring program designed to help at-risk youth in the community. By involving them in this program, these youth will have the opportunity to develop their skills musically and beyond.

Anne Murray has spoken on several occasions about the difference in generations. When she was growing up in Springhill music was everywhere; however, this simply is not the case anymore. The Anne Murray Centre feels very strongly about the importance of music in the lives of our youth, and as a result, we’re striving to put together programs and opportunities for them. Studies have shown that children who are exposed to music at a young age are far more likely to develop into successful, well-rounded adults.

This program will bring together talented community volunteers who are willing to donate their time and skills with students who have a passionate desire to play an instrument and read or write music. Due to the abundance of talented individuals in Springhill and the surrounding area there will be opportunities to learn to read music, write music, play an instrument, or write lyrics. Through the financial support provided by the Aviva Community Fund, the Anne Murray Centre will present these volunteers and students with a space of instruments, recording opportunities, and other resources to support their musical development.

We have the talent, now we need a program to bring individuals together. By providing a space, instruction, instruments, and recording opportunities the Anne Murray Centre is removing any economic barriers preventing youth from becoming involved.

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