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What to Look For in Snowmobile Insurance

Posted by  On January 26, 2021
What to Look For in Snowmobile Insurance

Winter arrives, and that familiar song rings through your ears. You know the one about dashing through the snow on a one-horse open sleigh. However, you don’t need to rely on a horse to pull you around in this world. Instead, you can use a snowmobile, powered by its own fuel and running heavy tracks through the fresh dusting of snow outside.

It’s a lot of fun to race around at high speeds, soaking in the dazzling wintry sights, but it can also be dangerous. Like operating any motor vehicle, snowmobiles come with risks of property damage and even more severe injuries.

Snowmobile insurance is invaluable just in case something happens while you’re on your ski-doo. It provides coverage of all kinds for many scenarios and is in many jurisdictions required by law.

What is snowmobile insurance?

Snowmobiles travel through some of the most treacherous conditions on the ground, filled with snow, sleet and ice.

An insurance policy for this vehicle operates the same as any other insurance protection, providing comprehensive coverage for your vehicle and general safety in these dangerous environments.

An acceptable policy protects you and your snowmobile from the financial consequences of accidents, including physical damage, income replacement funding, and personal injury recovery fees.

For instance, if you crash your snowmobile into someone’s fence, your insurance will pay for repairs to your vehicle and repairs for the other person’s fence. This is a more innocuous scenario, with more severe issues like major crashes and physical injury also covered by most provisions.

You’ll want complete protection no matter where you’re taking your ride, which leaves the question of what exactly you should be looking for in an insurance provider.

What You Should be Looking for in Snowmobile Insurance

Depending on what area you’re situated in, you will likely need snowmobile insurance, with several areas of coverage required by law.

Third-party Liability

Third-party liability coverage is the first thing you should look for. The basic limit is half a million dollars, but you can also seek extended policies that cover more than this starting limit. Coverage can go all the way up to $5 million. This might also be referred to as civil liability insurance in some jurisdictions.

At first glance, this may seem like a massive amount that is unlikely to be used, but you have to factor in the potential severity of accidents.

In situations where bystanders or other drivers are seriously injured, potential damages and claims against you can be sky-high. This sort of coverage often only focuses on injuries caused to others, so make sure to talk to your provider if you want a policy that’s got your back even for personal injuries.

Coverage here might differ depending on who’s at fault for the accident. If you are not liable for the incident, then damage to your snowmobile will be covered, whereas it might not be if you are at fault.

You want some degree of protection here no matter what, but the exact amount will likely depend on what conditions you find yourself riding in and what risks you deem to be most relevant to your circumstances.

This coverage is a mandatory part of owning a snowmobile.

Meeting Legal Expectations

There are three other areas that your insurance policy must include as required by law.

The first is statutory accident benefits coverage. This covers the costs of medical, attendant care, rehabilitation, income-replacement, and even death benefits if you are killed or injured in an accident, no matter who caused it. It covers health costs associated with accidents.

The next important area of concern is direct compensation – property damage coverage. This would pay for costs related to damages incurred on your vehicle and its contents if another driver was the cause of the accident. The other driver also has an insurance policy of some kind.

The last, uninsured automobile coverage, protects in cases where you’re killed or injured by a driver who could not be identified or by an uninsured motorist. In these cases, a provider offers financial compensation even though the other driver doesn’t have a policy of their own.

Ensure that your policy includes all of these areas, as they make up the backbone of adequate snowmobile insurance protection.

Other Risks

While it makes sense that providers center snowmobile coverage mostly around accidents caused during operation, you also want to consider other risks.

For instance, check if your policy includes damages to your snowmobile that result from theft, fire, glass breakage, or hail. Even if your vehicle is in the garage, it can still be damaged unexpectedly, making coverage in this area beneficial.

In this vein, it can make sense to have year-round insurance. It may seem wise to go for a few months policy during the winter, but this can be a costly mistake. The extra premiums will cover all the worst-case scenarios, from water damage to blazing fires in the area where your snowmobile is stored.

Rather than shoulder the cost of replacing the vehicle by yourself, the right policy will protect your investment at all times.

Of course, you likely won’t need full liability insurance all year, but try to work out something with your provider, including the additional coverage areas mentioned above. You might even be able to work out a discount that leaves both you and your insurer satisfied.

In Conclusion

Snowmobiles are too much fun to give up. And you don’t have to, as long as you have the right coverage.

Make sure that you have the bare minimum and that you’re adhering to jurisdictional requirements, but also consider jumping for broader coverage that can protect your unit even in storage.

Remember, if something happens, you and your family will always regret not being insured. In a best-case scenario, you’ll never need your policy, but the comfort and safety that it provides you are invaluable.

For more information about finding the best snowmobile insurance, call Archway Insurance at 1-833-536-0529 or contact us here.

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