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Why You Need ATV Insurance

Posted by  On July 12, 2021
Why you need ATV insurance

Summer is coming and you can’t wait to get out and explore on your ATV. Sure, you could go out for a peaceful stroll or even a bike ride, but it’s much more fun to go through the great outdoors on your ATV!

While riding an ATV is fun, it can also be risky. You are unlikely to injure another person or yourself if you’re just out for a walk, but ATVs can do serious damage to other people, their property, and even you.

One way to protect yourself against financial challenges if you have an accident or damage property with your ATV is through insurance. ATV insurance helps minimize any financial fallout from damage from an ATV accident, as well as giving you peace of mind so you can focus on important things like where to take your next ATV trip!

The three main areas that ATV insurance can help provide protection for are:

  • Personal injuries
  • Vehicle damage
  • Liability

These are all important things to be protected against, and at Archway Insurance, we can put together the perfect ATV insurance package for you.

How does insurance help me if I’m injured while on my ATV?

ATVs are a lot of fun to ride, but they can also be dangerous! They are large and heavy. If you flip one over on yourself, you could be badly injured. While we have a robust public health system in Canada, it doesn’t cover everything you may need if you’re injured on your ATV.

With ATV insurance, you’ll have coverage for:

  • Additional rehabilitative treatment that isn’t covered by the public health system.
  • Income replacement if you can’t work while you’re recovering.
  • A death benefit that will be paid out to your loved ones if you die from your injuries.

With ATV insurance, you can focus on getting better if you’re injured instead of worrying about medical costs or how you’re going to pay the bills.

How does ATV insurance help me if my ATV is damaged?

Buying an ATV is an investment, whether you’re using it for work or for pleasure. They can be expensive to own and maintain, and you’d be out a lot of money if something happened to your ATV. That’s where ATV insurance can help protect you.  

With ATV insurance, you will be reimbursed if your vehicle is damaged from events such as:

  • Accidents
  • Theft
  • Natural events such as lighting strikes
  • Vandalism

With ATV insurance, you’re covered for whatever you need, whether it’s repairs, having parts replaced, or even having your whole ATV replaced. ATV insurance can help get you back out on the trails and enjoy your vehicle again faster!   

How does ATV insurance help me with liability issues?

Liability coverage may be the most important aspect of ATV insurance, as you can be looking at financial ruin if you are found liable for an ATV accident and you’re uninsured. Liability coverage is critical if you injure someone or damage their property while you’re riding your ATV.

ATV liability insurance helps provide coverage for the following to someone you have injured while on your ATV:

  • Medical bills or other additional costs due to their injuries
  • Lost wages
  • Compensation for pain and suffering

In addition, ATV liability coverage covers property damage done by your vehicle. It can be very stressful to be in an ATV accident, but with insurance you have the comfort of knowing it won’t bankrupt you.

How can Archway Insurance help me with ATV coverage?

Whether you’re new to ATVing or have owned one for years, we’re sure you’re ready to get out there and hit the trails. However, it’s important to make sure that you have the right ATV insurance before you do that. With the right ATV insurance, you can have peace of mind that you’re protected so all you have to focus on is having fun!

At Archway Insurance, we both live and work here, so we’re familiar with all the great options for exploring the outdoors in Atlantic Canada. We want you to be able to get out there and ride your ATV without being concerned about any fallout if you’re involved in an accident. 

When you’re looking for ATV insurance, we’ll:

  • Talk to you about the different types of coverage available.
  • Discuss the amounts of coverage available and help you determine what’s best for your particular situation.
  • Work to tailor your insurance plan to your needs and budget.
  • Shop around with leading insurance companies to get you comprehensive coverage at an affordable price.

At Archway Insurance, we’ve been in the insurance business for a long time. We offer several different kinds of recreational insurance, not just ATV insurance. If you’re looking for insurance for other types of recreational vehicles, then we can help you. We also offer insurance policies for:

With recreational coverage from Archway Insurance, you can get outside and enjoy the great outdoors no matter what season it is!

ATV Insurance Offers So Much Protection

The good weather is here, you’ve given your ATV a tune-up, and you’re ready to get outside and explore the trails. Before you do that, though, it’s important to make sure you have your ATV insurance all set. ATV coverage provides protection for all of the following:

  • Personal injuries, including medical costs not covered by provincial health plans and lost wages.
  • Vehicle damage, whether it’s from an accident, theft, or even natural causes.
  • Liability if you damage another person or their property with your ATV, including anything from medical costs to lawsuits.

At Archway Insurance, we’ll work with you to determine what ATV insurance coverage fits your needs and budget best. We’ll work with our insurance company partners to find ATV insurance coverage that works for you.

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