With the hustle and bustle of city life picking up in Atlantic Canada, urban centres are quickly growing dense with major corporations, small businesses, chic neighbourhoods, and tourism activity. These drive the demand for seamless and low-cost lifestyle solutions that allow residents and tourists alike to explore around town. And we don’t just mean public transit and private cars. Ride-sharing apps like Uber enable fast trips that passengers need, while drivers make extra cash.

Do you drive for Uber, Lyft, or any other ride-sharing service in Nova Scotia or New Brunswick? It’s time to level up on your safety on the road — and protection for your automobile investment. Your personal auto insurance policy alone isn’t enough to protect you from the cost of property damage, liability claims, and lost income.

You Need Auto Insurance For Ride-sharing

The first step in a successful ride-sharing business is informing your personal auto insurance provider that you’re now using your vehicle for Uber or Lyft. This entitles you to two different protections — one when you’re on the road on your own time, and another when you figure in an accident with passengers on board, or while you’re on standby. Your personal auto insurance policy alone won’t cover lost income or even property damage since you are driving for purposes other than personal transportation.

A separate ride-sharing auto insurance policy covers you when you’re on the road for Uber or Lyft. This starts when you’re logged into the app and waiting for riders, while driving to a rider’s pick-up location, during the entire trip, and back on standby again. And while ride-sharing companies generally provide commercial auto insurance by enrolling drivers in fleet insurance, this coverage is only basic. It may not be enough to cover all the expenses following an accident.

A ride-sharing auto insurance policy protects while you’re driving for Uber, which is considered a commercial activity and can even help secure your income along with your initial investment in your vehicle.

Uber Driver Insurance — What’s Covered?

  • Collision coverage: this covers property damage, such as vehicle repair and parts replacement as a result of a collision with another car or object on the road
  • Comprehensive coverage: for all other types of property damage not resulting from a collision, such as a flood, wind, fire, hail, falling objects, or hitting a wild animal on the road.
  • Accident benefits: this entitles you to resources for additional medical and rehabilitative treatments, as well as lost wages or earning potential if the injuries are extensive and require extended recovery, or result in a disability
  • Liability coverage: if you are found to be responsible for an accident, this covers the cost of legal fees and settlements awarded to the third party, such as another driver or your passenger for injuries and property damage they suffer

Ask Our Brokers

At Archway Insurance, our brokers actively support the sharing economy. This enables not only faster transportation around Atlantic Canada’s busy city centres and scenic spots, but also fewer cars on the road, less traffic, and reduced hassle in finding parking spaces. All in all, ride-sharing promotes a seamless commute.

That’s why we’re here to support drivers like you who make it possible. Trust our brokers to examine different policy options from leading providers, and tailor a comprehensive and affordable coverage based on how often you drive for Uber and the number of trips you make. Our goal is to protect you on the road — and the income potential that comes with it.

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