At its core, your business is built on two things — your unique vision behind every product or service rollout, and the tools or assets that help you deliver them. These include your building or office space, equipment, and inventory. And because every dollar counts, you know that these assets require proper care and protection from damage, at a cost that’s sustainable for your growing business. So how do you keep them safe?

What Is Commercial Property Insurance?

This coverage protects your business from the financial impact of commercial property loss or damage. Fire, theft, vandalism, natural events, and other accidents or disasters can quickly damage equipment you need to produce goods or deliver services, and the workspaces that allow you to do that. Commercial property insurance covers the cost of these losses, so your business doesn’t have to — and suffer as a result.

Commercial property insurance protects your core business assets by covering the cost of damage to them. These include repair or replacement coverage for buildings, inventory, electronics, equipment, and exterior fixtures such as outdoor signs, fencing, landscaping, and others.

All Risk Vs. Named Perils

These two types of commercial property insurance policies define what can be covered under your coverage. Named Perils compensates you for losses that are specified in your policy, while All Risk protects you from any insured incident that is not specifically excluded. Our brokers can help you choose between these and other coverage options to ensure adequate financial protection to ensure recovery and business continuity.

What’s Commonly Covered Under Commercial Property Insurance

  • Mobile property: for contractors who go from one job site to another and transport equipment in the process, mobile property coverage protects the commercial property in transit as well as from theft and other risks.
  • Crime: commercial property insurance protects your business from losses caused by fraudulent acts like theft of money or property committed by an employee.

Enhanced Coverage

Add these custom extensions to your commercial property insurance policy for guaranteed all-around protection:

  • Business interruption: covers lost revenue when physical damage such as fire or flood damages your business and cuts into your profits. This coverage will also provide compensation for fixed and extra expenses like rent and utilities while repairs are underway.
  • Equipment breakdown: the loss of functional equipment like boilers, pressure vessels, heating and cooling systems, refrigeration, and other electronic equipment hampers productivity and profits, and no business can afford this. Commercial property insurance covers the cost of repairs or replacement so that you can return to business as usual.
  • Commercial drone: one of the latest trends in business, drones boost productivity and surveillance — and require protection from damage or loss, along with ground station equipment, and devices like cameras.
  • Earthquake and flood: protect buildings and equipment from damaging floods and earthquakes, and ensure coverage for repairs.
  • Sewer back-up: this covers water damage to your building in case of sewage back-up or overflow.

Ask Our Brokers

At Archway Insurance, we know that your business is built on the space and equipment that allow you to deliver goods and services that your customers in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick count on. Our insurance brokers are committed to helping you secure these core business assets and ensure recovery from any accident or disaster that damages them. Trust our brokers to source cost-saving insurance quotes from major providers in Canada and tailor coverage requirements to better support your business for years.


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