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Behind every successful product and quality service is a group of reliable individuals you recruit to boost production lines and facilitate customer interactions. Companies like yours hire expertly trained and dedicated employees whose well-being and loyalty contribute to overall productivity and increased profits. You need to take care of them to ensure the long-term success of this core business relationship.

Whether you’re a small business or a major corporation, it pays to take care of your employees and ensure their well-being. Archway Insurance partners with major insurance providers globally, and we can customize competitive employee benefits plans based on benchmark reports for your industry. We help create workplace benefits plans that can attract and retain top talent and have a positive effect on your company’s profitability.


Having employee benefits liability insurance is a cost-effective way to achieve your goals, such as:

  • Attracting new employees with the right skill set for the job
  • Retaining your existing employees, because it is more expensive to train than retain
  • Engaging your employees and increasing productivity
  • Improving employee health and well being
  • Reducing absenteeism and presenteeism, which helps your bottom line
  • Protecting your employees from sudden financial hardship, like an injury or the loss of a spouse
  • Bridge the generational gap – appease both the youngest and oldest in your workforce using employee benefits


When you contact us, we will hold an introductory meeting to better understand your business, your employees and your goals. After this discussion, we will prepare a benchmarking report. What are your competitors doing better or worse than you? Our Benchmark Report provides an accurate gauge, and we will make recommendations for your employee benefits program.

In addition, we will complete a market study of your current or prospective program, to ensure that you are receiving the most competitive rates for your employee benefits plan. We will present our findings and recommend staying with your current insurance company or switching to a new insurance company.

If you have never had an employee benefits plan, do not worry! We can assist you with your unique needs. With the depth of our experience, we can provide recommendations on what your competitors are doing and how to stabilize costs in a new workplace benefits program.


Once you are an Archway Insurance client, you will have a dedicated service team that is ready to answer any questions you or your employees may have. Our team has more than 90 years of insurance experience to offer credible, sound advice.

Each year, your employee benefits program will renew with your insurance company. When we receive the renewal, we conduct an in-depth analysis, and then we negotiate with the insurance company to lower the rates in your favour.

We will then meet with you to discuss your renewal and present our comprehensive renewal report. In this meeting we will answer your questions, such as:

  • Why are my rates increasing or decreasing?
  • What benefits are my employees using the most, and what could this mean?
  • What is my insurance company doing to provide better value in my employee benefits plan?

If we are unhappy with the renewal rates from your insurance company, we will conduct a market study. We will receive pricing from all of our insurance company partners and present our recommendations to you. We will help you every step of the way.

Our Employee Benefits

  • Accidental Death and Dismemberment
  • Basic Life Insurance
  • Dependent Life Insurance
  • Optional Life and Critical Insurance for spouses and children
  • Critical Illness
  • Long-Term Disability
  • Short-Term Disability
  • Health & Wellness Spending Accounts (HSA & WSA)
  • Extended Healthcare — Prescription Drugs, Medical Services & Supplies, Vision Care and more
  • Travel Insurance
  • Virtual Care/Telemedicine
  • Medical Second Opinion
  • Employee Assistance Plan
  • Dental Care
  • Human Resource Consulting
  • Premium Concierge Healthcare


I want Archway to analyze my employee benefits program. How do I start?

It is as easy as an email to Pam Hinam (pam@archwayinsurance.ca) or a phone call (902) 536-2733.

Do all insurance companies offer the same employee benefits?

No, each insurance company is unique. The offerings between insurance companies are quite different, and we will analyze these differences for you.

What is virtual care and telemedicine?

Virtual care (also known as telemedicine) is an amazing service that provides you with access to a physician 24/7 from the comfort of your own mobile phone. These physicians can help you and your employees with minor ailments and prescriptions, such as colds, flus, infections, and more.

How do I tell my employees about the benefits program?

We will conduct education sessions with your employees, where we will provide an overview of your employee benefits program and answer any questions they may have.


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