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Boat Insurance

Atlantic Canada is home to some of the most scenic and breathtaking coastlines in the world — and there’s only one way to experience the blue waters, tall cliffs, and towering rock formations stretched along the country’s eastern corridor. For lucky boat lovers and watercraft enthusiasts, this is their view every day.

Whether you’re sailing along the coast, hanging out on the deck, or stopping in one of the coves to go for a dip, the adventures are endless. All you need is a trusted, well-equipped, and properly conditioned watercraft to take you to the open waters. That includes the right insurance coverage to protect you and your boat from accidents, injuries and damages, and liability.

What Is Boat Insurance?

Depending on the size, horsepower and value of your watercraft, boat insurance may be added to your homeowners insurance and be sold as a stand along product for various watercraft, including sail, jet, sport, and fishing boats, cruisers, cuddy cabin boats, houseboats, pontoon boats, deck boats, runabout, and personal watercraft. Each boat insurance policy is tailored according to the type of watercraft you own — their size and horsepower, your experience, and where you’re navigating to, such as luxury cruising or weekend watersports.

The right boat insurance covers damage to your boat and personal property in case of accidents, fire, weather-related events, and property crime like theft and vandalism. This coverage also includes accident benefits for affected parties, such as medical treatment and income replacement, as well as liability in case of property damage and injuries sustained by a passenger or other third party.

What Does Boat Insurance Cover?

Boat insurance is an investment in your safety on the water — and the leisure it makes possible. This comprehensive policy covers medical and rehabilitative treatments not included in government healthcare, as well as the cost of emergency towing, navigation equipment repair or replacement, pollution and wreck removal, and personal effects. It’s protection for your watercraft that helps restore your quality of life and allows you to get back on the water safely.

Do I Need Boat Insurance?

Boat insurance may not always be legally required in the Atlantic Canada provinces of Nova Scotia and New Brunswick — but that doesn’t mean you don’t need it. Boat insurance is a highly recommended protection for your property and potential liability. As well, depending on where you dock, your marina may require it.

But boat insurance also protects your property outside the water. Boat insurance can cover physical damage sustained when you’re towing your boat on a trailer, such as in an accidental rear-ending, or if you side-swipe another vehicle and incur third party liability. In these cases, your boat and auto insurance policies can work together to ensure adequate coverage.

Optional Boat Insurance Coverage

Depending on where you sail to, how often you’re out in the water, and your activities, you may want to consider the additional protection and peace of mind that these enhanced coverages provide:

  • Guaranteed replacement cost: an upgrade from the basic physical damage coverage, this guarantees total replacement with a brand new model calculated based on the value of your boat, or the cost to replace it
  • Expanded navigation territory: for the adventurous seafarers, purchase additional coverage when you navigate across the border, or even down to the Caribbean in the summer.
  • Incidental use: ensure adequate liability protection when you use your boat to entertain, volunteer, do charity work, and other activities that require inviting more people aboard or dealing with organizations.
  • Increased personal effects: secure apparel, sports equipment, and other personal belongings on your boat with replacement coverage.
  • Increased loss of use: because life on the boat doesn’t stop, equip yourself with resources for a temporary replacement, rental, or another mode of transportation while your boat is being repaired.

Our Brokers Know Boat Insurance

As Atlantic Canada’s largest independent insurance brokerage, we know all about life on the east coast and the adventures in its blue waters. Our brokers work with major insurance providers in Canada to craft a comprehensive boat insurance plan for all your activities in the water and ensure coverage for accidents, injuries, property damage, and third party liability. Our goal is to tailor a personalized boat insurance plan that provides you with the utmost peace of mind every time you set sail and dock.


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