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Most Canadians spend their prime working hard to build a successful future and achieve financial security. Many even start young, as early as their high school or post-secondary years, to acquire valuable skills and experience that help them achieve financial independence later on. But can your pay cheques alone secure your financial future?

What Is An RRSP?

A Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP) helps you protect decades of hard work. This tax-deferred savings plan allows you to make regular contributions to help establish a secure retirement.

How RRSP Works

An RRSP is a stable financial investment. Unlike a regular savings account, your regular contributions do not remain dormant. Your retirement contributions reduce the income tax you pay, and the investment earnings will grow tax deferred until withdrawn at retirement, and often at a lower tax rate.

Types Of RRSP

  • Group RRSP: retirement benefits are an attractive component of a company’s overall compensation strategy. Contributions to a group RRSP can easily be made through payroll deduction, and result in lower investment management fees.
  • Individual RRSP: whether you’re traditionally employed or self-employed, you can take charge of your financial future. Enroll in an individual RRSP to save for retirement and manage your investment to reflect your changing financial needs.

Ask Our Brokers

At Archway Insurance, we believe that every Canadian should retire happy and securely after decades of hard work. Our brokers work hard to reward you with a peaceful and financially stable retirement. We partner with major financial institutions to help you set up a reliable RRSP and ensure that you can afford a suitable retirement.


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